Welcome to the Composing Access Project, co-sponsored by the Committee on Disability Issues in College Composition (CDICC) and the Computers & Composition Digital Press (CCDP). This site began as a one-page handout titled “How to Make Your Presentation More Accessible.” We are now in the process of reimagining that one-sheet document as a multi-modal, multi-authored website.

The documents and videos on this site, authored by CCCC members, give various ideas for ways to enhance accessibility at conferences. No single person or artifact can offer definitive advice; each one is, to misquote philosopher Thomas Nagel, a “view from somewhere.” We encourage you to shop around, pick up ideas as you like, and hopefully try something new.

If you are visiting this site prior to attending the 2016 CCCC Convention in Houston, TX, please download the incredible, detailed, and rich 2016 CCCC Accessibility Guide created by Casie Cobos and Geneva Canino on the CCCC home page (scroll about halfway down).

We would love to add your ideas and resources to this site, including any suggestions you have about facilitating your own and others’ access–in all kinds of ways. We also want to hear from you regarding how you have made use of this site.